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What´s Conservation?

Conservation biology is a mission-oriented science that focuses on how to protect and restore biodiversity, or the diversity of life on Earth. Like medical research, conservation biology deals with issues where quick action is critical and the consequences of failure are great. To preserve biodiversity, scientists must answer three general questions. First, how is the diversity of life distributed around the planet? Second, what threats does this diversity face? Third, what can people do to reduce or eliminate these threats and, when possible, restore biological diversity and ecosystem health?

Where can I learn more about conservation?

The Society for Conservation Biology has developed different web pages in order to provide students, educators, and the public sphere ready access to information and resources for conservation education. To make it easier to find relevant resources, the Society has organized information based on target audiences and/or specific topics. If you have any suggestions for the SCB Conservation Education site, please


email programs@conbio.org.

About SCB

LACA Section

The Latin American and Caribbean Section (LACA) is a section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) that was formed to pull on the influence and abilities of its members to facilitate conservation efforts in this region. 


In 2018 we hosted in Trinidad y Tobago our first congress, Strengthening Conservation Connections Between the Caribbean and the Americas...


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