What can I expect from the online meeting?

  • A plenary followed by live Q&A with the keynote speaker.

  • Workshops, talks, and posters are going to be available on-demand (during and for a year after the meeting dates).

  • Asynchronous Q&A for all presentations.

  • Networking sessions each day.

  • Career Central material available on-demand (during and after the meeting dates).


When will presentations take place?

All presentations (talks and posters) will be available on-demand starting October 26th. Attendees will be able to view presentations as their time allows during and after the meeting dates.

How will talks and posters be presented?

You need to send your presentation and poster files in advance. We will use freely available software to ensure accessibility. We will provide instructions on how to prepare your material and give you recommendations for your presentations.


How can I ask questions of presenters?

We will have live and asynchronous questions, and attendees will be able to leave questions for presenters, and presenters will be able to answer them as their time allows.


How will meeting engagement happen?

We will have question and answer sessions, as well as networking sessions.


What if I want to withdraw?

You can cancel your participation by writing an email to the LACA board, including your name and presentation title. If possible, please let us know by the end of June 2020.

What are the registration rates?

Conscious of the current situation in our region and to encourage participation, we reduced our registration fees. For the first time, we are offering packages, including conference registration and one-year membership for non-members, and we are offering a special package for universities. This year’s registration rates are:


                  SCB Members Package                                               Cost

SCB Member Developed Country registration                         US$ 30

SCB Member Developing Country registration                        US$ 10

SCB Member Student registration                                             US$   5

                               Non Member Package                                                               Cost


Non Member Developed Country registration + 1-year membership               US$ 95

Non-Member Developing Country  registration + 1-year membership             US$ 40

Non-Member Student registration*                                                                       US$ 20

*In case non-member students are interested in the membership, they can opt to pay the professional


                                 University Package                                          Cost

University Package – 30 Students + Teacher                               US$ 500



There are multiple benefits to joining our conservation community by becoming a member of SCB. Among several benefits is the ability of members to participate in special webinars by renowned conservation experts and interact with their peers through members-only online communities. Looking for a fellow member for advice or expertise? Search the SCB member director and expertise database where you can find potential advisors or collaborators. Finally, members receive discounts on conferences, specialized books from Wiley, and complimentary or discounted access to specialized journals such as Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation in addition to publishing discounts for Conservation Letters and Conservation Science and Practice.


What are the new dates?

Abstract submission deadline: July 15th

Abstract acceptance notification: End July

Registration opens: June 30th

Deadline to send your materials: August 30th

Deadline for presenter registration: August 30th

Conference: 9th – 13th November


What is the registration deadline?

Registration will open in mid-June, 2020, and presenters must register by mid-August, 2020.

Will there be registration support?

LACA Board recognizes the importance of scientific conferences for the growth of conservation in the region and the careers of scientists. We are also aware of the current economic crisis our region is facing, so we are in search of funds to offer help to as many persons as possible. Keep an eye on the website for updates.


What steps is LACA taking to make the Conference accessible?

We are taking advantage of virtual technologies to make the 2020 event as accessible and inclusive as possible. We will make presentations available to registrants for several months after the Conference concludes. We are exploring other options to increase accessibility, such as translation; we are going to be posting updates on the conference website.