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LACA 2020 and Coronavirus Update

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LACA 2020 transforms and goes digital

We are organizing the LACA 2020 conferences; the second congress of the LACA Section, in conjunction with the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. During this congress, we will provide different training and networking options; as, it is one of the largest networking platforms for anyone interested in conservation biology in the region.


9 - 13 of November

LACA 2020 will be held during the second week of November. Stay tune for more information about the conferences, timeline & participants.


Your living room

This time LACA 2020 will be online, our hosts are located in the magical & colonial city of Puebla. 



We are working on the applications forms for the next event. Keep in touch for more information about this! Check beside to know about our current scholarship.

What's Conservation?

Conservation biology is a mission-oriented science that focuses on how to protect and restore biodiversity, or the diversity of life on Earth. Like medical research, conservation biology deals with issues where quick action is critical and the consequences of failure are great.


Thus, to preserve biodiversity, scientists must answer three general questions:

  1. How is the diversity of life distributed around the planet?

  2. What threats does this diversity face?

  3. What can people do to reduce or eliminate these threats? And when possible, how to restore biological diversity and ecosystem health?

Who can participate?

The congress will present projects and innovations that are being developed to conserve natural resources and biodiversity from different points of view like biological, political, social, innovation and technology development, etc. 


If you have a project to conserve biodiversity, this is your opportunity!   

I'm a high school teacher. How can my students participate?

We have different activities in which students can learn in an interesting way and at the same time get connected with researchers. Keep an eye for more information.