Proposals for oral, poster, speed presentations and Creative presentations will be invited starting December, 26th. 2019 for the Conservation Latin America Congress, the theme of which is, Safeguarding biodiversity in the Anthropocene. The conference will be held online with the help of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla in the City of Puebla, Mexico in 2020.

Call for Proposals

The Scientific Committee will review abstracts. Acceptance will be based on scientific accuracy and arrangement with the conference themes. All proposals must be submitted online through the link bitly.com/2TgU6xQ.


Only abstracts submitted electronically through the submission application will be considered. Decisions will be made by the end of July 2020. The selection process is highly competitive. Please read and follow the information carefully. Early notification of acceptance will give you ample time to take advantage of the early registration rate. Early registration (paid in full) is mandatory to be included in the Congress program. 


Who is eligible to submit a contributed session abstract? 

• Anyone may submit a contributed session abstract. 

• Submissions and presentations can be either in English or Spanish 

• To ensure that the congress is as diverse as possible, individuals may not submit more than two abstracts, and no individual may give more than one presentation in the following categories: symposium, contributed paper, contributed poster. 


What types of contributed session abstracts are eligible for submission? 

The detailed information on types of contributed session abstracts can be found on the Conservation Latin America 2020 website. 


Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations are limited to 15 minutes: 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Contributed oral presentations will be grouped by theme/subtheme. Please choose from the list of themes and subthemes and choose the ones that are most appropriate for your presentation. This will assist us in selecting an appropriate session for your presentation. If your abstract is accepted but cannot be accommodated as an oral presentation, we may offer you the opportunity to present a speed presentation or poster. 

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations are a visual and concise way to showcase conservation science and projects that provide opportunities to interact with a wide audience and will take place during the poster session.

Speed Talk Presentations

Speed Talk Presentations are 5-minute presentations summarizing research or studies in process in a particular field that are grouped together by theme. Following the presentations, there will be time for presenters to talk one-on-one to delegates about their project. If your paper topic would be of interest to a wide range of people and you would like your presentation to lead to an extended conversation with colleagues who are specifically interested in your work, you may wish to submit an abstract for a speed presentation. Please choose from the list of themes and subthemes and choose Important Information the ones that are most appropriate for your presentation. This will assist us in selecting an appropriate session for your presentation. If your abstract is accepted but cannot be accommodated as a speed presentation, we may offer you the opportunity to present a poster presentation.

Creative Presentation

Creative presentations are designed to present research projects in new and creative ways to reach wider audiences. You can present by using dance, costume design, visual arts, song, poem, play, video, storytelling, art, all forms are welcome. Describe how you plan to present your research, what technique you will use, be sure to explain all the details. Also, describe the elements you will need to present your idea during the conference (sound, projector, computer), video presentations should last no more than 3 minutes. @All other presentations /performing activities should be 5 minutes (If you need a few more minutes for your presentation you should let us know in the abstract. Note, it is important to be able to complete your presentation in the given time)


In order to be included in the program of Conservation Latin America 2020, presenters of accepted presentations must be registered and paid in full by the early deadline. Authors failing to comply with this rule will not be included in the Congress programme.

Information needed for submission (review the online form bitly.com/2TgU6xQ prior to submission) 

Proposals must contain the following information:

• Submitter’s contact information 

• Abstract Title: Please note the title will appear as it is typed on the Program, and Abstract book. Please use sentence case. 

• Abstract Theme and Sub-themes/Categories 

• Abstract:  Abstracts may not exceed 250 words. Begin with a clear statement of the topic or objectives, give brief methods and major results, and end with a substantive conclusion.  Do not use vague statements such as “results will be discussed.”  It is the responsibility of the author to verify the information submitted and to correct any errors or omissions before the submission deadline.

• Presentation Preference: Oral, Speed, or Poster Presentation (Note if you are submitting an abstract for a symposium, select oral presentation) 

• Alternate presentation format: If your preferred format cannot be accommodated, would you wish to have your abstract considered for another presentation format? 

• For Students only: Select yes and then select whether you are undergraduate, masters or doctoral student. Also, indicate if you would like to be considered for the student award competition. 

• Symposium abstracts: if your abstract is part of a symposium, select yes and then the title of the symposium. 

• Social Media Summary: It is a summary to promote your conference in twitter and facebook.

What are the Conservation Latin America 2020 themes required for contributed session abstract submission? 


Submitters must select the theme that most reflects their abstract. Priority will be given to contributed session abstracts that select one of the identified themes but all abstracts will be considered. 



• All requests for withdrawal can only be made by the abstract submitter and must be done via email to laca2020@conbio.org. 

• Removal of a withdrawn abstract from the program schedule cannot be guaranteed if the request is received after 30 August 2020. 


Contributed Session Abstract Review and Notification 

• After the abstract submission deadline, completed abstracts will be peer-reviewed.

 • Incomplete abstracts cannot be processed and will not be reviewed. 

• To ensure the integrity of the review process, revisions will not be accepted after the submission deadline – no exceptions. 


Contributed Session Abstract Acceptance/Rejection Notifications 

• LACA will notify the abstract submitter of the status of their abstract. 

• It is the abstract submitter’s responsibility to then notify all co-authors. 

• IMPORTANT: The abstract submitter is the sole point of contact for all co-authors. LACA will direct all co-author inquiries to the contributed session abstract submitter.