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Financial support

Check scholarships section to keep updated on current offers.

Volunteer opportunities

On a first-come, first-served basis, opportunities will be available via congress registration sign-up. Upon completion of four hours of volunteer time at Conservation Latin America, attendees will receive a 50% rebate on conferences registration. Capacity may be limited, details to follow.


*Developing country rates are available to attendees currently residing in developing/LDC countries as defined by the UN.

Registration fees

Conscious of the current situation in our region and to encourage participation, we reduced our registration fees. For the first time, we are offering packages, including congress registration and one-year membership for non-members, and we are offering a special package for universities.

This year’s registration rates are:

                  SCB Members Package                                               Cost

SCB Member Developed Country registration                         US$ 30

SCB Member Developing Country registration                        US$ 10

SCB Member Student registration                                             US$   5

                               Non Member Package                                                               Cost


Non-Member Developed Country registration + 1 year membership               US$ 95

Non-Member Developing Country  registration + 1 year membership             US$ 40

Non-Member Student registration*                                                                       US$ 20

*In case non-member students are interested in the membership, they can opt to pay the professional


                  University Package                                                      Cost

University Package – 30 Students + Teacher                               US$ 500



There are multiple benefits to joining our conservation community by becoming a member of SCB. Among several benefits is the ability of members to participate in special webinars by renowned conservation experts and interact with their peers through members-only online communities. Looking for a fellow member for advice or expertise? Search the SCB member director and expertise database where you can find potential advisors or collaborators. Finally, members receive discounts on conferences, specialized books from Wiley, and complimentary or discounted access to specialized journals such as Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation in addition to publishing discounts for Conservation Letters and Conservation Science and Practice.

Registration for the

Latin American Congress for Conservation Biology 


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